Tuesday 11 May 2010

Dynamic sig, limericks, and a moon of Saturn....

I wanted an image for a sig that could show random text. It has to be an image so that it can be embedded in sites that won’t let you post HTML etc.  You can copy the URL in to any web page and it will show a different limerick each time.

This version uses a collection of limericks in plain text (from LimerickDB), called 1.txt , 2.txt , 3.txt and so on. The PHP script should be easy enough to edit.

Dynamic PHP Sig

Download a zip of the source code here

Incidentally, the “Probably Perl” line is a quote from somebody who accused me of being a script, no reference to the language it’s actually written in.

The background image is a copyright-free one from NASA - it's a pic from the Cassini probe showing geysers of water erupting from Saturn's moon Enceladus, one of the best bets for life in the Solar system.

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