Saturday 25 December 2010

An Aetheist's Message At Christmas / Diwali / Hanukkah

If you believe in a god, any kind or any number, then good for you.

Not believing takes just as much faith, trust me.  And placing even a modicum of trust in Science is utterly terrifying...that's why science as a rule is basically paranoia, trying to prove ourselves wrong.

But the one thing I can say is that whatever you believe, whether it's a world created in six days six and a half thousand years ago, or a whole Universe created by a god, or just a very exotic mathematical possibility....well it's pretty darned cool.

The world around us is amazing.  Birds fly more elegantly than anything we've ever seen, waves give us artistic expression from a plank of wood, we're aware of our place spinning through space in the suburbs of a hundred billion galaxies, maybe more.

Yes, we can argue about who, if anyone, made it.  But on a day when that argument is all too divisive, can we not at the very least take a good long look around us?  Even if there's no god, it's still mind-blowingly impressive...

The video repeats a bit, but you get the idea.  We're the only planet with life in the Universe as far as we know.  Hell of a responsibility people/apes/ants/bacteria.  And I make no apology for the music.  Queen rock.  Deal with it.

Merry thingy.

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